SEO Meets
Real Estate Investors

This is a raw and real blog about our journey with SEO for real estate investors. We have light bulb moments and regrets to share with other REI’s doing SEO. Come along on our SEO journey with us– we hope this blog can provide value!


Beginner’s Energy

The House Who? Welcome to our blog, SEO Meets REI! Our name’s are Andy and Liz, and we have been on an SEO journey in the real estate industry for…

SEO Is Worth It!

This is our blog. It’s raw. It’s real. And it’s about our journey with SEO for real estate investors. We are two people who have learned A LOT about SEO through our small business, The House Guys. As REI hustlers, we’re here to blog the real moments and failed attempts (not just our successes).

We hope this blog can help other REI’s skip over the mistakes we made by jumping straight into the good stuff. We seriously believe anyone can do SEO. But, just so you know, once you start climbing the rankings, it gets addicting!