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The House Who?

Welcome to our blog, SEO Meets REI! Our name’s are Andy and Liz, and we have been on an SEO journey in the real estate industry for a while now. We started a small business together called The House Guys (we couldn’t pass up the “We Buy Houses” company bandwagon), and it’s time to write down what we’ve learned.

This blog is our internal monologue and starts about 6 months prior. We have so much to catch you up on (if anyone is reading this… hello?), and can’t wait to share where we are now. Our first several posts will be a rewind in time until we’ve captured everything that got us to where we are now with SEO. We have regrets, light bulb moments, and amazing results (that keep getting better and better!). We just couldn’t keep to ourselves anymore.

We are rapidly gaining experience with the proof to show our journey is worth following. Come see how we are using SEO to take over the We Buy Houses industry in the Washington DC Metro area.

Rolling It Back

We are two college grads from Virginia Tech with degrees in Computer Engineering. Both of us worked for the Navy (Andy coded for ships, and Liz coded for aircrafts). Sounds like a couple pretty sweet gigs, right? And well paying, too? Yes and yes, BUT we just were not happy. We felt like we were following in an old generation’s footsteps of working a corporate desk job until we can retire and die. Sounds morbid, but this realization is what gave us the energy to start a side hustle.

We threw around so many ideas and tried a couple of them out (such as a flight app that never came to fruition) until we landed on “We Buy Houses.” We actually don’t remember how we found this business model, but what matters is that it was the first real idea we knew we could work on together and possibly succeed. We started envisioning flipping houses and making money and leaving our jobs and traveling first class and… okay reel it in there. Basically, we were ready to commit, so we came up with The House Guys.

How Does This Tie Into SEO?

Woah woahh, settle down there, we’re getting to it! As the millennials we are, we created a website using Carrot. And as computer engineers, we knew of SEO, but we also knew how much research and time that was going to take. So, we opted for PPC ads with Google, first, followed by Facebook. We ran ads for a few months and failed miserably (we didn’t know what we were doing). Almost $8k in the hole later, we thought, “Let’s give SEO a try.”

Fast forward several months and a few emotional breakdowns later, and here we are, still progressing with SEO. YAY! It’s been a long, bumpy, windy, and foggy road (that we’re still on), but at least we have rankings to show for it, now! Our biggest takeaway is no matter what direction you go, it’s going to take time. Becoming an expert at anything doesn’t happen overnight as much as we wish it did.


This progress has led us to creating this blog: SEO Meets REI, so we can share what we have learned and keep you from making the same mistakes as us. We want this to be a place where we can write about our challenges and our progress! SEO is the freaking bee’s knees, and we hope if you read this blog, you’ll agree. Come along on our SEO for real estate investors journey with us!

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